We are a market leader
in photovoltaics in Poland

Wento’s business model is to provide strategic and financial investors with highly profitable assets in the ”new energy” category, comprising renewable energy sources (wind, PV) and energy storage, utilizing the most advanced technology while maintaining competitive prices for such assets.

Wento develops and sells renewable energy and energy storage projects, which are carefully carried out to the highest market standards and resilient to the regulatory systems evolution. Wento has also a track record of delivering fully constructed renewable energy plants for investors willing to acquire assets on a turn-key basis.

Leader of Polish market in photovoltaics
10 years of experience on the RES market
489 MWs won in auctions since 2017
3200 MW in portfolio of PV farms
Producer of renewable energy

About us

We developed and built over 80 MW of wind projects

36 MW – Skoczykłody wind farm was built in 2015 and operated under Wento’s management until 2020. Then the project was sold to one of the biggest Polish utility companies – PGE S.A.

48 MW – wind farm project with one of the highest (>50%) load factors on the market was sold in 2019, at ready to build stage, to one the biggest foreign investors operating in the wind energy sector in Poland.

Key area of our activity – developing a portfolio of 3200 MW of PV farms

489 MW – which won the CfD support since 2017.

300 MW – in total Wento has already developed and sold as a portfolio of either projects or fully operational photovoltaic farms.

57,5 MW – Stępień PV Farm located in Community of Braniewo in Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. We completed the construction in 2022 and we have already recieved Electricity generation licence. Our farm is actively producing energy!

60 MW – Zagórzyca PV Farm located in Community of Damnica in Pomeranian Voivodeship. We completed the construction of our largest photovoltaic farm. The capacity of the solar installation is as high as 60 MW. The farm is currently being prepared for the start of operations.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver to the Polish power market a growing amount of electricity sourced from wind and solar PV installation we developed, own and operate

Our electricity is clean, competitively priced, so growth of our generation asset base and excellent financial performance contributes to the fulfilment of the strategic goals of our investor – Equinor

Future in energy storage

Our team has good experience in providing investors with the most profitable investment opportunities by being able to spot and take advantage of the newest market trends in the energy sector. Working with such a mindset, we defined energy storage to be the best new investment opportunity, starting to appear both on the Polish and the European energy markets.

Wento is currently analyzing several options for installation of utility-scale energy storage systems, connected to the electrical networks of DSO/TSO, enabling participation in the newly created Capacity Market and the Auxiliary Services Market in the future.

Although, as of today, Wento has not invested directly in any assets in the two business areas mentioned above, our team is investing a substantial amount of time and a great number of resources to develop the tools and know-how which will enable us to take full advantage of being the “first mover” in this sector.

Our good understanding of the local regulatory environment, market reality, and experience in the fast development of cash flow generating business models/assets base, make us confident that we are very well positioned to harvest the high potential of these newly developing markets and energy storage technology.

How we work

Wento’s business is currently divided into two lines – typical RES asset development and construction (wind and PV) and “new energy” business model where Wento engages in analyzing the potential in energy solutions based on batteries and storage assets as well as in Demand Side Response.

In addition, since December 2015 untill August 2020, Wento operated a 36MW wind farm located in Central Poland. This wind farm was developed, constructed, financed and operated by the Wento team, and then sold to one of the largest Polish utility company – PGE S.A.

The business line focused around RES generates the return on equity invested in the development and optionally the construction phase of wind or PV projects. When developing greenfield or acquiring fully developed projects, Wento subsequently takes the responsibility for securing the stable and predictable cash flows: either by 15-year long Contracts for Difference (CfD), assigned in the “reverse auctions” (the lowest bid wins), organized by the Polish Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) or through a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with a reputable off-taker.

At the same time, through an organized competitive process, Wento offers the projects to strategic or long-term financial investors. Once the CfD or PPA are secured, the projects are being sold to the selected investor. For those willing to acquire turn-key projects, Wento is able to arrange the financing of the construction phase (under the bridge finance or project finance formula), secure the procurement of equipment, construct and deliver the project on a turn-key basis (and also provide O&M and commercial support in the operational phase).

Areas of expertise

All these processes are led by our experienced and multidisciplinary team of dedicated experts working within the following areas of responsibility:


Technical and construction

and regulatory

and strategy


The extensive experience of our team allows us to select the best projects available on the market and/or quickly optimizing the projects with the unrealized potential. Our technical skills and close cooperation with first-class technical advisors and equipment suppliers make it possible to maximize the project’s productivity to CapEx ratio.

Thanks to the proper selection of most advanced wind turbines or PV technology currently available on the market, backed up by proper O&M contracts and competitive procurement procedures. Thanks to the “hands-on” approach of our team to the entire life cycle of the project, construction, and its financing, Wento is able to deliver superior quality assets to the interested investors while assuring attractive returns.

Who we are

Wento was established in late 2011, after almost a year of market research and analysis done by Enterprise Investors and after assembling the team of the most experienced Polish professionals from the renewable energy industry. Now, we are a part of Equinor - formerly Statoil (www.equinor.pl), which is 67% owned by the Norwegian state. Equinor has approximately 21 000 employees in over 30 countries worldwide. It is one of the world's largest operators of offshore wind farms (in the Polish territorial waters it has projects with a capacity of more than 1,400 MW) and is gradually increasing its involvement in other sectors of renewable energy sources.

Prior to 2016, Wento’s investment focus was mainly on medium-sized (20-50 MW) wind farm projects, where it used its equity during the construction phase of a fully developed wind farm project, creating tangible assets, which upon completion and start-up were sold to strategic investors such as local and foreign utilities or financial investors interested in holding such assets for a longer-term. As a result of improving the economics of photovoltaics and regulatory support for PV installations, in 2015, Wento started to build a dedicated PV team and over the last few years has grown its PV business unit into one of the leaders on the Polish solar PV market. So far, we have prepared more than 500MW of PV projects for construction, of which as many as 489MW have been successful in the auctions announced so far since 2016 by the President of the ERO. Of these projects, around 200MW have already been built or are under construction. This makes Wento one of the largest investors among PV and wind project developers in the Polish market.


Since its incorporation, Wento has been managed by the same management team with extensive experience in the energy industry:

Wojciech Cetnarski

Chief executive officer

Marcin Guzik

Business development director

Piotr Matwjów

Chief financial officer

Łukasz Dąbrowski

Chief development officer

Wojciech Cetnarski

Chief executive officer

Wojciech Cetnarski took on the position of Wento’s CEO after eight years of successful running of an investment advisory and management company.

During that time, from 2009 to 2012, he also served as the Management Board Member of Norvento Polska, an investment and project development company, acquiring and developing about 70 MW of wind projects.

By December 2005, Mr. Cetnarski held the position of the Vice President of Polish Energy Partners S.A. and the President of Saturn Management Sp.z o.o., a fully owned subsidiary of Polish Energy Partners S.A. (currently Polenergia). As one of the founders, from 1997 to 2003, he also served as the President of the Management Board and CEO of Polish Energy Partners S.A., which became a public company in 2004. With PEP, he started the development of one of the first Polish wind farms, in Puck (22 MW), which became operational in 2007.